Time to Wake Up

04 May

When I was growing up, I always heard the same song.  The tune may have been different and the words might have been changed, but I could always recognize it as that song.  The song that goes “Go to college, earn a degree, find a job, and be successful” (yeah, my song writing skills suck).  So that’s what I focused on during my formative years.  Now it’s several years down life’s road.  I spent 5 years doing the college song and dance, and have earned myself a very nice piece of paper that says something about me having a B.S.I.T from a well-respected university.

I tried to do the responsible thing after graduation.  I applied to some jobs, hoping that something would take hold.  The only interest I got from a company, I was forced to turn down because I didn’t have the required personal transportation.  Out of immediate options, I moved home while continuing the search for employment.  It’s been almost a year since all of this, and the sum total of all my successes is a low paying, almost full-time job at a coffee shop.  I’ve been working there longer than I would have liked, and I’m tempted to say longer than I should have.

I say “should have” in the sense that, if the world was working properly, I would have started a career by now.  Instead, I had to go through months of job applications to companies, only a few of which even had the decency to respond with a “No Thank You”.  I know what I need to do, and I know that I’m trying to do it, so why isn’t it getting done?

I need to get a move on.  I got so disillusioned with the job search that I put it off for several months, and I’m worried that if I take too much longer to get back into it that I’ll become too comfortable at this job that I hate and won’t be able to pull myself out of it.  I have to kick myself in the ass and get back into it.

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Posted by on May 4, 2010 in Job Search


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