From the Journal of Arcturus

30 Sep

From the journal of Arcturus, Crown Regent of the Seventh House:

People confuse the real and the perceived with such readiness that I swear it must be a necessary adaptation of some kind, that I am the one who is lacking in mental acuity.  It is as though, for them, it is not merely a matter of shallow cognition, but the very core of how they live their lives and manage their emotions.  Mine, a seething sea of impulses and regrets, is, by comparison, damaged irreparably.

And so, in putting these words to paper, I risk irrevocable harm to both my reputation and person.  Should this document ever be found, I request that it be cast into the fire without so much as a glance further than this page, for even this will have proven enough to ensure my eventual ridicule and political demise.

For my own sake, though, I must write this.  It is not a desire that drives my hand, but a compulsion and, as I scribble this script, I find that the words flow with an unnatural ease and an unfamiliar cadence, as though coming from without and merely passing through my form to the page.  If my story is so important to put to parchment then, well, I have little to say in the matter, don’t I?

Very well, then.  It begins as all good treason does: With an unenviable choice and a dastardly betrayal.

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