It’s December 1st

01 Dec

And with that, we close out National Novel Writing Month.

This year’s attempt was a qualified success: 51,001 words, breaking the 50,000 minimum, but the story’s not yet done. Also, there were a lot of places where the writing was sub-par or stretched out in the interest of word count. I always have a hard time writing to a number instead of an idea. That’s been the case since I first started writing essays.

But it’s a success, and I plan to do some editing on it this time around.  Who knows?  Maybe it’ll even turn into something worthwhile with a little work.

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One response to “It’s December 1st

  1. moiseul

    January 20, 2011 at 2:57 pm

    Congrats on surpassing the challenge!! I faltered at 10,000 words and have yet to get back up. I’m hoping to complete the 50,000 words none the less. Deadlines, smeadlines!


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